Rumpke Field Trip

Students from the Buckeye and Cardinal Room took a tour of the Rumpke Landfill on Wednesday, November 16th. A tour guide gave insightful information about the history of Rumpke (it started as a hog farm), how much garbage enters the landfill each day (over 20 Million Pounds!), and what happens with the garbage (the gases are converted into energy). The tour guide shared some of the unique things that have arrived at the landfill, including an elephant which had passed away when a circus was passing through town. Tyler, the elephant, has a special place where he was buried at the site. Students learned that Rumpke tries to prevent pollution by putting up fences, cleaning the runoff water and using a giant “Febreeze” fan to help control the odor. Students were also lucky enough to visit when a new cell was being dug for the garbage. This happens once every 3-5 years. CCA is excited to partner with Rumpke to start up a Recycling Program again.

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