Sensory PlaySpaces


The Cincinnati Center for Autism and our Parent Teacher Organization are creating outdoor and indoor Sensory PlaySpaces for our kids.
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Why Sensory PlaySpaces?

indoor-sensory-roomOur kids have difficulties receiving, processing and responding to sensory information.  This leads to an increase in anxiety, inappropriate behaviors, difficulty learning and impaired relationships with others. They need a way to get appropriate tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive input, burn off energy and stress, and have fun with their peers.


Sensory PlaySpaces would enable us to set up a therapeutic environment that supports balanced regulation of all the senses.  Our occupational therapists will utilize therapeutic equipment to encourage interactive sensorimotor engagement.  By addressing sensorimotor difficulties, our kids will develop the skills necessary to independent self-care, academic learning, sports and recreation and vocational success.

20767854_10212329975862010_385168859819452948_n (1)What equipment and how much will it cost?

We have installed outdoor equipment that will allow climbing, sliding, bouncing, balancing, playing music, swinging, and spinning!  We need to raise another $2000 to add shade for the main playstructure.

Indoor equipment including multiple swings, calming lights, places to cocoon, climbing features, safety mats, and jumping and rocking equipment will cost around $30,000 (with volunteer installation).

HUGE THANKS to our grant funders and donors for contributions thus far:

The Daniel and Susan Pfau Foundation
Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Make a Change Foundation
The Making It Happen Foundation/RGT Management Inc
The families, friends and staff of CCA
The Barr-Jobson Family
The Galish Family
Sam Muennich and Melissa Zepf Muennich
The Spirtoff and Toon Families

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Sensory PlaySpace Build on Channel 12 News

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