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Autism is a neurological disorder characterized by 3 primary deficits in functioning: language and communication, social interaction, and behavior.

Currently, the CDC reports that 1 in 88 children has been identified as having an autism spectrum disorder. (Center for Disease Control, 2013)

If you would like to donate time, money, or a skill/trade to support the children and families of Cincinnati Center for Autism, please contact the center!


Monetary Donations

The CDC reports that the cost of behavioral intervention for children diagnosed with ASD falls between $40-60,000 per year. The Cincinnati Center for Autism aims to keep out of pocket costs for families as low as possible, but as a result, has limited funds for student scholarships, to purchase supplies, curriculum and other resources. The center relies on donations from the community to assure we can continue to offer services that support best outcome for our students and families. Learn more about making a tax deductible donation.

Donate Time – Volunteer

CCA is always in need of helping hands. From student support and lunch duty, to cleaning and preparing educational materials, there are many volunteer opportunities available. Click here to find out more about CCA’s volunteer opportunities.

Donate Items

It is easy to take simple things like paper towels and Lysol wipes for granted. But, these are important necessities that get used day in and day out.  Check here to see what items CCA is currently in need of.


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