COVID Chronicles: Defenders

Get ready to sweat and learn about health and wellness with our Defender classroom in today's COVID Chronicles!


The teachers in the Defenders room have implemented synchronous fitness sessions to encourage students and families to stay active while they stay at home. Every Tuesday and Thursday, students log into Zoom and participate in 10-15 minutes of live aerobic exercise with instructors. These lessons are led by Mr. Tony, a certified instructor through the Autism Fitness Program! A series of live instructions and YouTube workout videos are shared with the class so that they can follow along and mirror the movements. This has been a great way for students to socialize and learn about the importance of health and wellness.

Try one of Tony's workouts at home with your family!

10 side bends

10 back turns

10 arm circles forward and 10 arm circles backwards

10 squats 

10 jumping jacks

10 high knee jacks 


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