COVID Chronicles: Express

Learn how one of the Express Room's favorite online resources, BrainPOP, has helped them deal with the changes of the stay-at-home order in today's COVID Chronicles!



Adjustment and change have been quite a venture during this COVID crisis, but even a small star shines in a dark sky. One of the brightest stars has been BrainPOP. This website features over 1,000 short animated videos and activities for students in grades K-12. The Express students have enjoyed participating in these fun activities and watching these videos while engaging in meaningful emotional, educational and life skills lessons. 

The emotional learning piece of BrianPOP is the Express room's favorite feature! This website features lessons on many emotions and different reactions they might bring. During the first week of virtual learning, students had extremely pertinent questions about the changes occurring and many felt confused, overwhelmed, or anxious. "Why are we doing this?" "Why can’t I go to school?" "Why do I see my friends and teachers in little boxes?" "Why is COVID-19 changing my life?" With the help of BrainPOP, the students were able to learn new skills to help cope and adjust to the changes - while laughing at the funny video characters!

Topics ranging from bullying to shopping in a store to sharing are addressed through BrainPOP, and so far all lessons are "Express room approved" for fun learning!


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