COVID Chronicles: Tadpole

Special delivery! Learn about the surprise packets from our Tadpole Class in today's COVID Chronicles!

Distance learning has allowed our creative minds to adapt to new situations. How do you deliver hands-on activities and learning tasks to young students? For the Tadpole room, "packet pick up" has become a weekly event every Friday!

Packet pick up provides a way to not only deliver work and paper assignments, but also add something extra special. The packets could contain bubbles, games, and on occasion slime! What better way to include an extra note from your teacher, or a favorite sensory toy? All of the packets include a science, math, story time, sensory, and craft lesson and the needed materials to complete the lesson. These lessons and activities correspond with the videos created by teachers specifically for the Tadpole crew. 

As the weeks progress, the Friday packets have become a way to make sure the parents and students know how much CCA cares about our students, and want them to feel special. Tadpoles look for your special delivery... What will be in your bag this week?


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