COVID Chronicles: Emoji

What's the difference between a fruit and a veggie? Find out in today's COVID Chronicles, and see how the Emoji classroom put their green thumbs to use!


The Emojis have been learning about the differences between fruits and vegetables and the life cycle of plants. Did you know that technically a cucumber is a fruit? So, what is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? Well, it is determined by the part of the plant that we eat! If we eat the roots, leaves, or stem of the plant it is a vegetable. If we eat a part of the plant that comes from the flower, it is considered a fruit! 

After learning about the difference between fruits and vegetables, the Emojis learned about the life cycle of plants and helped their teacher, Miss Hannah, put her green thumb to use. During their live lessons, each of the Emoji students helped walk Hannah through the steps of setting up a seed experiment to grow vegetables. They started with 3 simple supplies: a sandwich bag, beans, and a wet paper towel. They've loved monitoring this experiment over the past few weeks and watching their seeds grow. Soon, they will plant the growing seeds in dirt to see them grow even more!


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