Appointment Based Services 

The Cincinnati Center for Autism not only offers a full time school program, we also have a large variety of appointment based services available:



Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Services, which are provided in home, community and our center setting, are individualized to address communication, socialization, daily living skills, and reduction of challenging behaviors that impede participation across natural settings of the child’s life. These services may be covered by families’ insurance benefits.


Consultation Services

This service is the on-site consultation/supervision of home-based and school-based intervention programs by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Consultation services are individualized to meet the needs of each family/child. Services may include: IEP support, assessment of an individual student's skill level, functional assessment of challenging behavior, program development, staff training, and program oversight.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services at CCA are able to address the following areas: fine motor development, sensory integration, adapting the environment to support education and educating the student/family to increase participation in activities of daily living.


Speech Language Therapy

Speech-Language therapy services at CCA can address the following areas: PECS, play skills, communication, feeding, articulation, oral motor abilities, language, social skills, and communication devices. The speech language pathologist (SLP) at CCA will work with families to create a speech therapy program that is functional and tailored to address individual needs.


Music Therapy 

All students enrolled at CCA receive group music therapy. Music Therapy services are also offered by appointment. These services are offered on both a one-on-one and small-group basis. Music therapy is stimulating, motivating, interactive, multi-sensory, and fun!!! Therapy goals are individualized to each student’s needs and often targets communication skills, social skills, listening skills, and play skills.

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